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Restaurants and Places to Visit in Colombo, ThumbsUp features up-to-date info on Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions, Places to see in Colombo, nightlife, shopping tips plus it allows you to save money by letting you touched with best prices / Offers / Coupons / Promotions of one's favorite merchants.

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Our Mission is Simple: Make Finding Merchants and Businesses Easier. can be an initiative developed by WiW Lanka, a start-up based company that's founded in November 2014. Company considers them like a newbie in the online market space but aim to be an opportunistic and revolutionize the market industry place. WiW Lanka consists which has a dynamic team who will lead the company using expertise knowledge on Management & Marketing and so they carry a vast taste flying insects innovative marketing and communications techniques to modern business world. They will be dedicated keep you up to date with all the information on best places in the city through and they intend to give you fascinating experience online with many more excitements to come. Keep hitting up making your site to Find Businesses.
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